Sunday, April 13, 2014

One year! One year, since my last post. Hi guys!

Well, I have no excuse. I'm not even going to try and reason my schedule, or laziness, or Brasca. Not even. I just stopped blogging for a year. Forgive me? *flashes her puppy eyes*

So let's do this again, oh how I've missed it! I don't promise to constantly write every single day but we'll see. Meanwhile, every day I'm on Instagram. Gahh I love love love Instagram! You can follow me there, (hey, don't make fun of my name!) for those who care to know what I've been up to lately. Haha!

K. Later! :-)

Makeup, you said?

Friday, April 12, 2013

I have uploaded this on my Instagram page but for the sake of those who still visit my blog, (thanks a bunch!) here you go.

Not to brag or anything. These are the makeup products that I have accumulated for the past months. I am not sponsored, btw! :-) Most of them are from my mom of course hehe so thanks, mother! Now what will I do with all of these? Some are for keeps, while some, well I'll probably sell. Teehee.

Vacation with mom

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I've been well busy, as always, since my Mom arrived from the States. She only spent three weeks here but it seemed for months with all the places and activities we went and did, one of which was our recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau. I have tons of photos, you bet and Im excited to share them with you. I already uploaded few in my Instagram (@dangdidang) page. Here's a sneak peak.

Oh and btw, I'm only blogging with my phone so if this post will turn out to be crappy in your viewing then I apologize :-)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

I was tagged by Sena of Cold-Hearted Miss a few months back to do this Liebster thing, whaaat on earth is a Liebster by the way? Hehe. Anyway, I'm supposed to post eleven facts about myself and then answer the eleven questions that goes with it. So here:

1. Why do you blog? This is a great way to keep up with my memory, I guess. I tend to be very forgetful at times and it's fun to just browse through my previous posts so that I'll always know what I did and what went down. Lol.

2. You're right-handed or left-handed? Right. Wish I'm both, though.

3. You're most embarassing moment? I can't think of any particular incident at the moment but I have tons! I tripped a lot! Sometimes I feel like my knees are plastic.

4. Books or movies? I enjoy doing both, reading books and watching movies.

5. Your zodiac sign? Leo.

6. You kind of quiet or you like to party? I'm not really a party kind of gal. I'd rather stay home.

7. Do you like to play with fashion? I am interested in fashion. I feel like I don't take risk, though. I tend to play safe always with my clothing and stuff. 

8. Your favorite movie/book? I have lots. Few of my favorite movies are Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, I Am Sam, and A Walk to Remember. Books, gah so many! :)

9. Your favorite movie from childhood? From childhood, um Beethoven? Haha. Yeah I like the first and second Beethoven. Also, The Mighty Ducks series. I was so into that movie franchise that I begged my mom for a month to get me a pair of roller skates. 

10. What you like about yourself? Geez, wish my friends (or Franco) are here to answer this. I don't want to sound too proud or self-absorbed lol. 

11. Your favorite season?  Most of my readers know that I live in a tropical country and here we only have two legit seasons, unfortunately, wet and dry. But I would looove to experience autumn and winter someday. Wishful thinking.

Eleven facts:

One. I am born with natural curly hair.
Two. I am 5 foot 1 inch.
Three. I am a Nurse. But I don't work as a Nurse.
Four. I graduated with a degree in Information Technology first before I studied Nursing.
Five. I am not at all, good in Computer Programming.
Six. I am the youngest and only girl amongst my siblings, so that means I have two older brothers. *sigh*
Seven. I hate Math. Mathematics and I are history!
Eight. I love Buko juice and Watermelon shake.
Nine. I love love eating Pasta dishes!
Ten. I cry too easily.
Eleven. It's also very easy to make me laugh.

Thanks again Sena for this. Although I honestly have no idea what a Liebster is but I did enjoy doing this tag. I pass this on to anyone who might want to try :)

Have a great week, guys!