funky charm

Friday, November 25, 2011

We went to a children's party recently to attend my friend's niece's 7th birthday. The theme was Rockstar Diva put together by Kat (my friend), because the celebrant is a huge fan of Taylor Swift and she wanted it to look like she's invited her guests to her concert. It was so cute, not Outrageous Kid Parties kind of cute, but simpler, definitely not over the top event. Needless to say everyone who was there did enjoy, especially the kids who dressed up for the occasion. Some girls even wore tutu skirts and boots, so cute! Unfortunately I have no photos to show because I didn't bring my camera with me. Anyway, when we're about to go home, Kat made us pick from these rolled icing papers that are inside the cake. Are you familiar with cake pull charms for good luck? Like the ones inside a fortune cookie? That's that. So what I got is this...

A monkey charm. I don't know if you could even tell that those three are indeed monkeys but, yeah. Haha.

So my piece of paper reads as follows: Forget the fact that he laughs like a monkey, admit it - he can be real fun and funky. Okay, like seriously, Goldilocks Bakeshop should stop putting these antics in their cake. That's not even lucky. Not even a trace of luckiness in those words. A genuine lucky charm reads, "Today is your day. Here are your lucky numbers, go buy your lottery ticket now". Am I right? :) But for the record, my boyfriend is really funny, when he needs to. Not sure of funky but yep, definitely funny!

In other news, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it! Drew this a couple of months ago. I'm not sure if you could wear something like it to this occasion (considering the cold weather there) but I just think it's perfect for get-together dinners. Enjoy your day guys!


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