I thrift, therefore I am

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So these are my thrift finds that I mentioned in this post. Five wearable and in good condition items for a total of 350 Pesos (about $8) is a huge achievement already for someone like me who relies in thrift stores for the betterment and progress of her closet. Already smiling from ear to ear after getting these and thought how lucky I was that day when all of a sudden realized that it was still overbudget. What a scrimper you might think but, more clothes yet less spending is the way to live nowadays, don't you think? I'm actually on a mission to fit my 100 Peso bill (about $2) for atleast six apparels and my friends think I'm already crazy so c'mon now, wish me luck!

1. H&M oversized shirt: P80 ($1.84)
2. Bread and Butter knit cropped cardigan: P40 ($0.92)
3. casual woven jacket: P80 ($1.84)
4. knit cardigan: P100 ($2.30)
5. J. Crew knit cardigan: P50 ($1.15)

TOTAL: P350 ($8.05)


  1. i think you did such a great job, $8 for all of that is such a bargain! for $8, i can probably find just one dress from the sale rack at forever21. and wow, $1.15 for a j.crew cardi?! it can't get any better than that. ;)

    but nevertheless, i wish you luck! i will really be beyond amazed when i hear you are able to get 6 items for $2, that would be out of this world! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. Haha. I had to haggle that much!

  3. your photos are so amazing. i want to eat the food!

    love your photo in the aisle... you look like you're floating! :)


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