Who I drew: Tieka of Selective Potential

Sunday, February 19, 2012

So this is my first time to feature a blogger here at Another Day to Wander and there is no better way to start than with this lovely girl from Michigan, USA, Tieka. For some of you who doesn't know yet, she's the person behind one of the most beautiful blogs out there right now, Selective Potential.

I started following Tieka's blog even before I created Candid Phobic (my old blog) and I was easily fascinated by her posts. I remember that I was just looking for a specific look in Google when I came across a link to her site and upon reading just one post, I was instantly hooked so I bookmarked it. You see, though she obviously knows how to dress as evident in these photos, her blog isn't all about fashion. She talks about her life as a happily married gal to her husband Brett that I swear, they are the cutest couple! Tieka also constantly takes her readers to every wonderful places she has been through gorgeous photographs, which makes me want to visit Michigan if I have the means. You can tell by the way she writes that friends are the most valuable thing (next to husband) because she always share her fun activities and adventures with them. Her day job as a Graphic Designer (my dream job!) is sometimes what inspires her to be more creative with her outfits. And what about her band, Circle Maybe...yep, she. also. sings. If that's not cool enough for you, then I don't know already!

I could go on and on about Tieka and Selective Potential but I'm afraid I sound like a weird fan already so I'll just leave a link here. For those of you who haven't visited her site, go there now!
I had so much fun creating these drawings of her that I think I'll do some more in the future. Hopefully though, with the use of a tablet cause my mouse gave up on me. I'm still waiting for it, boyfriend!

Photo credit: selectivepotential.com


  1. i love these illustrations - there is something so adorable yet incredibly stylish about them :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  2. This is SO cool - love the illustrations - and Tieka's blog too :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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