Eat My GF!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So my brother and I were at Alabang Town Center a couple of weeks ago to run some errands when I noticed this stall at the food court. It caught my attention because of the funny name, 'Eat My GF' which actually means EAT MY GARLIC FRIES. Haha. Intrigued by it, I hurried to the lady holding a tray of sampler and helped myself to a bite of this gorgeously looking fry. It tastes good but the strong garlic immediately kicked in the first bite and is all over my mouth that I had to buy bottled water right away. I told her it's delicious but not ideal to eat if you surely want to impress a date but she said the flavor could be reduced to our preference, so my brother then quickly ordered a regular. The potatoes were fried to perfection and the parsley and little amount of garlic together were divine! I was worried about my breath of course as I don't have my toothbrush with me at that time but guess what else did we get from the nice lady... a FREE Mentos! Yep. How generous and thoughtful of them, right? Whoever came up with that business idea is genius, I tell you. Lol. Will definitely be coming back to try their variants including ze sausage.

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