the summer that got away

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh wow, poor blog. I haven't updated in a while, I know and I feel bad for my little blog, really :-( that's why to make up for my shortcomings, I've tried tweaking the layout for a (almost) different look. Teehee! I should be writing more this month, though. Okay. Anyyyway, the rainy season is starting to kick in and I still don't have a summer vacation to go to. My friend Jana and I have been planning a quick getaway for weeks now but the exact calendar is still tentative to this day and so I'm not too excited yet. But I'll be posting tons of photos for sure once it pushes through. I would love to go to a beach and just take as many pictures as possible. That's our friend Kat in the image btw, soaking. Agh, I miss the white sands of Boracay. Till next post, everyone! :)

P.S. I hate the new Blogger interface. I'm sorry, but I do.


  1. hey there dianne! welcome back! i was wondering where have you been?! ;) i've also sent a message in tumblr but i guess you did not see it?! xxx

  2. Hi Flor! I haven't been on tumblr for ages too. lol. I'll go and check your message later :)


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