Thrifted Diaries: faux leather jacket

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I went to Starmall Alabang the other day to scour the Ukay stores (thrift stores) there for New Arrivals and items that are on sale. I've spent hours hopping from one store to another and ended up getting these three only.

1. box jacket - P150 ($3.55)
2. faux leather jacket - P150 ($3.55)
3. knit sweater - P10 ($0.24)

TOTAL: Php310.00 or $7.34 US

I didn't realize they were all in Black until I opened the paper bags at home. I've never in my life owned a leather jacket or any leather material because of A) our country's weather B) they look uncomfortable C) it's just expensive, even the faux ones. But take a look at this jacket that I got. Not only it's unbelievably light to wear, I only paid 150 pesos for it! How cool is that? I still have to figure out though how to sport this here. Lol. But my most favorite among these is the box jacket OMG, 150 pesos also! It's lightweight too, and very fasyown for this rainy season, don't you think? So excited to wear it over a plain shirt and skinny jeans. Finally, the knit sweater. It doesn't look quite good in this photo but it's as good as new, really. All three are in excellent condition believe it or not. I was smiling from ear to ear when I found it under the Ten Peso rack. Yep, ten freakin' pesos for a J.Crew slash Zara-esque knit! Almost free, it's ridiculous. I feel like one of those people in an episode of Extreme Couponing after leaving the counter. One. Happy. Shopper. again, indeed .


  1. hi dianne! i go thrifting too in alabang star mall. comfy kasi dun dahil may aircon no? haha. your finds are fab lalo na the 2nd jacket.can't wait to see you wearing it. :D

    p.s. i don't know what's wrong with blogger.ang alam ko finollow na kita e. kaya i was wondering why i don't get updates from you, dianne. now i added your blog again. hehe! ;)

    1. Yep, aircon hehe. Kaya lang ngayon laging sira ang centralized aircon ng mall. Madalas na mainit na. :(

  2. I love your buys! The jacket looks great

  3. The second jacket is amazing!!! Love your blog too dear! :)

  4. love both jackets! I have a leather jacket i wear ALL the time

    love from San Francisco,

    1. I do love them too, such a steal! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. You thrifted those? Amazing finds!

    xo Jennifer


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