Singapore | Part 1

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So these are just some of the photos from my SG trip last week. I went with my brothers, two bullies of my life, cause our mother thought it will be a good idea for us three to have some bonding moments abroad so she sent us. Paid for airfare, hotel and stuff. I only have two siblings and I'm the youngest and only girl so maybe you get my point when I say, I longed for a sister(s) ever since I can remember. But this is just one of those rare occasions where we needed to be together for more than a day, plus it's mom's birthday so yep, I'll let it slide. Lol. I did enjoy Singapore anyway. Especially because we were toured by one of my best friends who happened to be working there. Thanks again, Ann! :)

More pictures to be posted! Happy Tuesday! 


  1. your mom's so sweet..:)
    happy siblings you are!
    namiss ko tuloy sisters ko.haha

    1. Hmmm hindi masyado lol. Kasi kinakawawa ako ng mga kuya ko. Good thing you have sisters :)


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