Thursday, October 8, 2015

It was  June 1st of 2013 when Franco and I met this little miss. From what I recall, she was scared, a bit tense, and quite uncomfortable the first time we held her. The reason probably was because she's confused and anxious as to why her previous family is giving her up at a not-so young age. The mood quickly changed though when Franco managed to pacify her while she's trying to ease her way into his arms. That practically sealed the deal for the two. They instantly became new buddies.

This wide-eyed beagle, who's fondly referred to as Phoepo by her previous caretakers, was (like most of our dogs) stubborn, annoying, loud, cheerful, carefree, clever, adorable being. But it was clear to us the second we saw her that she does not at all look like a Phoepo. She's our Margot. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our Margot yesterday morning. She's been through a lot with her health and though it's been a short two years, this little fighter will forever be remembered as one of the feistiest members of our pack. 

Rest easy, furball.

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